Offering Alipay and WeChat Pay has given one photography business a big reason to smile.

Magic Memories partners with tourist attractions to capture those special moments for guests and a growing Chinese market presented a new payment opportunity, says their Country Manager Dan Horton.

“At some attractions, Mandarin-speaking Chinese now make up 50% of all guests. For those from Mainland China, QR payment is prevalent. Alipay and WeChat Pay literally have a billion users each.
“We saw an opportunity to increase sales by offering Alipay and WeChat Pay as a payment option.”

When they first started looking in 2017, there was no one who could do both Chinese mobile payments and integrate with Vend’s Magic Memories Point-of-Sale system.

“We looked at standalone Alipay and WeChat Pay providers but the reconciliation time and loose contract terms around getting the funds settled sent up a few red flags.”

“Smartpay’s solution is convenient and easily integrates.”

– Dan Horton, Country Manager, Australia

“We knew from our relationship in New Zealand that Smartpay could provide Alipay and WeChat Pay, so we talked to them.”

“They could deliver QR; plus they could retain the functionality we already had and more.”

“We chose Smartpay because the pricing was competitive, and there was a range of options available, including flexible surcharging.”

“Some of the attractions we operate at surcharge card payments and others don’t. We needed the flexibility to have a different solution at each site, which Smartpay could do.”

 “The set-up was smooth and straight forward.”

– Dan Horton, Country Manager, Australia

“The set-up was smooth and straight forward from the Smartpay side. Any issues have been few and far between – things like Telstra outages, which affect every provider.”

And how does the Smartpay solution work day-to-day for staff? Kirsty Trinder Photography Operations Manager at Sea Life in Melbourne explains: “We see a lot of Chinese guests, and they love to use Alipay and WeChat Pay. It helps to relate to them a bit more, make services more accessible, and they feel more comfortable.”

“Our motto at Magic Memories is: ‘We make people smile”, and fast transactions help that.”

“We integrate with Vend, so the terminal automatically sets up the QR code as soon as you hit the QR button – it’s just like any other payment method. The guest does the rest. For staff, I just explain it once, and they are good to go.”

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