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Canva: A free marketing tool for your business

Marketing is an essential part of building any business but when it comes to creating your brand, consistency is key. However, sometimes implementing a range of software to assist your small business can start to add up, especially if you’re not utilising them to their full potential. Canva is a creative graphic design platform that is completely free to use at a base level and can help your business create consistent content and marketing assets that align with your brand; a fantastic tool for any small business owner. We break it down below.

What is Canva?

Can’t afford a graphic designer? Canva is an easy-to-navigate graphic design platform that will be your go-to tool and can help you execute the work of an agency or marketing professional, for free! It’s beginner friendly and there are video tutorials available demonstrating how to use each feature for those who would like a little extra training. 

A lot of the templates to create flyers, price lists, logos, posters, social media tiles, business cards and so on, are free. There is however an option to pay a fee and upgrade to ‘Canva Pro’, which will allow you to unlock more features, design service options and templates. Additionally you can also upload and include any of your own imagery, assets or photos or utilise Canva’s extensive library so you don’t have to start from scratch – the platform really is flexible!

Creating consistent content

We live in an age of social media and online platforms and as a result we’re flooded by content. And guess what? So are your target audience. It is therefore so important that your business creates a brand identity and ensures this is reflected across all facets; from your social media to your advertising, menu or price list. 

Fonts, your colour palette, logo and images all create the building blocks for design, so consider establishing them early on in your brand journey and always use them to ensure cohesiveness and consistency. That way, when someone mentions your brand, you automatically want consumers to have a visual they associate with your business and a natural recall to purchase your product or services. Let’s start with colours in Canva.


First impressions count and your brand colours are one of the first things your customers see which helps them decide whether they want to engage or not.

When in Canva, you can set a brand colour palette to keep them consistent when creating your content across different templates. When defining your brand, you might stumble across a brand with a colour palette you think would suit your own but don’t understand exactly how to match them. Incredibly, Canva has a tool where you can take an image you have seen with the colours you like, upload it to the Canva ‘colour generator’ and it will pull out the colours providing you with the hex code to apply to your own colour palette! Easy!


Great font pairings are essential to your design and just like colours, you want to keep your fonts consistent. These can also be set in Canva; the platform has a font pairing tool that puts together great font combinations which can help you decide which one suits your brand identity the most! In the article written by Canva, they explain the basics of choosing great fonts and provide some of the best font pairings to use in your next design.

All in all, creating a branding kit for all visuals using the templates in Canva and overlaying these assets with your key messaging would help your business stand out amongst the flood of online content and ultimately ‘stop the scroll’.

With Canva being such a fantastic free graphic design tool, it’s a great way to assess your business’s current brand identity and start utilising the platform for an easy (and cheap!) way to enhance your business marketing.

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