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Weekend Max Mara Benefits from Mobile Chinese Payments

"Mobile payment saves time during the sale process as the customer can pay in a way which is familiar and convenient to them, which in-turn leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction."         -Tanja West-HillMax Mara is a popular Italian fashion design house...

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How to surcharge and keep your customers smiling

Is adding a surcharge for electronic payments right for your business? Sure, it might save your business thousands in transaction fees, but what about your customers? How will they react? With the right EFTPOS solution, it’s easy to introduce a surcharge that’s fair...

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Handy Tip: Changing your terminals network comms

         We live in a connected world, but sometimes technology fails. We've made sure that even one network is down, you can always switch on your terminal to another network. Making sure you can always take payments, so even when technology...

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