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5 Tips Your Small Business Can Implement to Leverage the Easter Long Weekend

With the Easter long weekend fast approaching, this is the time to get clever with your marketing and leverage your customers taking advantage of the fun festivities. With more people out and about, you can implement a range of campaigns to attract your audience.

It is important to harness seasonal celebrations to your advantage and Easter is no exception! So let’s ‘hop’ to it, we’ve broken down 5 tips for you to make the most of the Easter long weekend.

1. Organise a digital ‘Easter egg’ hunt

Your website can be your biggest asset and the key to any successful online marketing campaign is to create that sense of urgency for consumers. Easter is a fun and family-friendly holiday so offering a special offer or promotion in a fun engaging way is sure to get your customers excited.

One way could be an Easter egg hunt on your website where you can create virtual eggs containing discounts and prizes, for example, free shipping or an exclusive percent off sitewide sale. It is a great way to increase your website traffic and because your customers will have to scan through your entire website to find the eggs, they’ll be introduced to the wide range of products you offer. Not only is it a fun way to give people more reasons to browse your site but also will encourage shoppers to stay longer on there.

Handy tip: Make sure the ‘Easter eggs’ are hidden in places that are easy for your customer to find, so they don’t become frustrated with the search and lose engagement. 

2. Run an Easter themed competition

Holidays are the best ways to convert impulsive buyers into repeat customers and one way to persuade them is through competitions, prizes and promotions.

There are heaps of Easter themed competitions you could implement both in-store or via your social media channels such as:

*Running an Easter colouring in competition: this is a super cheap and effective way to boost engagement and keep parents and kids happy. Ask parents to put their phone number or email address on the back of the sheet which is also a great way to collect data.
*Follow us on social media: mention that you are running a competition for anyone who follows your social media channels between a certain timeframe. This way you are increasing the number of people following your feed, ensuring future social media campaigns are seen by a new and larger audience.
*Sign up to the database & win: similar to social media follows, encourage customers to sign up to your database or loyalty program to capture their details and reward them in return.
*Purchase & win: Anyone who makes a purchase within a certain timeframe goes in a draw to win chocolate hampers, free products or even a cash prize, depending on your budget.

3. Add some Easter ideas your social media

Create a social media competition or action to drive engagement and increase your small business’ brand awareness and reach. Why not run an Easter photo competition encouraging your customers to get creative or share their own Easter hunt or celebration stories? You could ask your followers to share your own post and tag their friends to win and even create a trending hashtag in order to build user-generated content to repurpose.

On top of engaging competitions, your social media channels are also a good way of advising your followers of your opening hours for the weekend as well as anything promotional or themed your business may be offering.

4. Some type of ‘promotion’ is always a good idea

What about implementing something like ‘Hoppy Hour’ where you offer 2 for 1 deals or a gift with purchase for a few single hours throughout the day for the entire weekend? Or offer a promotional discount if they sign up to your loyalty program? This not only allows you to capture data but is also building your customer base and if they are already a loyalty member, offer double the points or discount amount!

Adding a few different Easter themed promotions will get people in the festive spirit and keep customers enticed when it comes to being treated with these little offers.

5. Get festive!

Transform your store with Easter themed decorations and installations. If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to go all out; a small amount of decorating goes a long way. Ensure your installation is closer to the front of the store and / or counter to spread the festive spirit! 

If you run a café or restaurant you might consider themed food or drinks (think Easter egg chocolate milkshakes!) and even placing a bowl of Easter eggs at the counter near your EFTPOS machine or adding one to a coffee order, all create a nice touch!

With every event in the calendar comes the opportunity to run engaging campaigns for customers, build brand awareness and tie your products to the occasion, all three of which could increase sales and profits. Implementing the above 5 tips should help you navigate the Easter long weekend and set you up for success.

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